Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're doing it again!

Yes, we're doing it again - we signed up for the 2008 Breast Cancer 3-Day! We had such an incredible experience doing the 3-Day last year that we're going back for more. We're so excited about this event, even though this year we really know what we've gotten ourselves into. We conveniently forgot the hard work and blisters and remember the honor of doing something this important for a great cause that we personally care about this much.

Please support us again this year!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We did it!

Hi, everyone! 60 miles and a couple of blisters and sore muscles later, we finished the 3 day walk! It was quite a rewarding experience for all of us: Emily, Todd, and Todd's mom, Gail. We were joined by 2,729 of our (now) closest friends, each with their own very personal reason for walking. It was amazing to see all the pink everywhere, the positive attitudes all around, the emotion, the tears, the inspiration, the high fives, the survivors trudging along, never quitting, and how many current cancer patients there were, bald from chemo, still walking because they believe we can find a cure in their lifetime -- and the best part, us feeling a part of it all.

We appreciate the support we've received from so many of our friends. We have met our fundraising requirements several weeks ago, but after being among these people, we realized that with the friends we have, we can do much, much better. The 3 Day slogan hit home with us: Everyone deserves a lifetime. Can you put it any better?

We have 30 days from the end of the walk to finish our fundraising. If you haven't already, can you help us reach our goal of $5,000 each? Please follow the donation page links at the top to do so. Thank you!

Check out the pictures if you like (click on them to see them bigger):

The three walkers, ready to go on Day 1, with our new 3 Day scarves

Lots of encouragement everywhere

"Hey, look, a pink ribbon!"

The tent city (1,500 pink tents in a field makes for tons of fun)

Leaving camp on Day 2

The reasons why they walk reminded you why you were there

This picture cuts off the word "soon" but it tells the story, plain as day.

Todd had the worst blisters, that needed attention a couple of times, but he continued on

The people along the way were great. People flocked to the streets to cheer, give out candy or drinks, or, like this Girl Scout troop, collect signatures and messages to take to the hospital to give encouragement to cancer patients.

There weren't many men, so Todd got a ton of extra attention, like this woman at a cheering station

There were many, many girls along the way, showing that they care about what we can all do for their future

There were quite a few that shared this sentiment along the trail

Arriving home after Day 2, forty miles down!

Scenes from camp

Flags everywhere

Everyone did what they could every night to stay fit for another 20 miles of walking the next day: stretching, nursing blisters, foot massages, etc.

Nursing our own wounds

Setting off on Day 3, almost there

They gave us silly toys at all the pit stops, like plastic lips!

Taking care of our feet turned out to be the most important thing. Emily did the best job of "lubing up".

The volunteer crew was incredibly energetic and friendly

We made friends with many of them

Nearing the end, the support was tremendous, like from the Walker Stalkers, who we must have seen 15 times over three days

Walking into the closing ceremonies, everyone getting out the hankies

There were thousands of people welcoming us to the closing ceremonies in Piedmont Park

Many of them dressed for the occasion

It was a proud moment

The one-shoe salute to the survivors that had walked among us

If you scrolled down this far, we're impressed. We really only put all these pictures up for our relatives. That means you must care, and if you do, please donate to the cause and help us increase our impact, and have your own impact, too.

Emily and Todd